March 2011

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2. ASMI Online Basic and Advanced Refreshers

3. ASMI Classes Updated

4. BBC 2011!

5. A word from the Director: Vicki Sanfelipo

6. Motorcycle Safety and Distracted Driving: Randy Sevenish

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VickiA Word from the Director
Vicki Sanfelipo

As we near the riding season this is a great time for reflection. Riding is fun when riding is safe! At the end of the day we all want to return home with nothing more painful than a sunburn. What a great time of year this is for a mental boost! I can only speak for myself but I know that I love to learn because I know that there is always some sort of information that I can use that will make me a “Better Biker”. Like any of us, not everything I hear is correct and I don’t agree with everyone’s opinions BUT I am willing to listen. If I don’t listen, how can I learn? Why should they listen to me when I try to impart some of my years of experience? There is a lot of information out there and Road Guardians brings National experts together once a year for a conference that is aimed toward helping any biker to glean new information. We look for people who can address one of the six educational areas of motorcycle safety identified in the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety!

On Friday we will start out with breakfast and an overview of motorcycle safety topics. Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo will talk about why this safety is critical to the “Biker lifestyle” then have an interactive discussion about how to market motorcycle safety and how to encourage those around you to get properly trained and licensed. We will explore resources available to people who are looking for new or existing topics. This is a MUST for safety officers!!! After a lunch buffet we will do a Mass Adult and Child CPR with AED session which can be a review for you or if you desire certification we will give you an opportunity to test out and get your card right on the spot! We will finish the day with Paul Cote (MA) giving a presentation on motorist awareness and rider conspicuity. Friday evening is a networking cocktail party for guests who are staying for the full conference. Hors d oeuvres and the SMARTrainer will be available. We will film participants before and after alcoholic beverages to watch the effects of alcohol then will play the video back for everyone’s amusement on Saturday.


Saturday starts with breakfast and our keynote speaker, Al Hydeman (CA) -Director of Design, Direction and Development for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Al will talk about Life Long Learning and what the MSF is doing to encourage riders to never be satisfied with their current level of knowledge. Michael Aguilar (WI – CEO of Innocorp) will explain impaired rider programs, Randy Sevenish (IN attorney) will lead a presentation about Insurance changes that affect riders, Andy Goldfine (MN - CEO of Aerostitch) will present re: protective apparel, Teresa McClelland (IL – Emergency Care RN educator) will lead an interactive hands on presentation on Emergency Skills, Jayson White (OH MSF) will present a Group Riding presentation.


The conference will end with a banquet with London Broil, Chicken Picata, Pork Loins and veggies, salad, rolls & dessert. Special people will be recognized with ASMI Instructor of the Year, RG Volunteer of the Year, and Certificates of Outstanding Service to the Motorcycling Community. Don’t miss this opportunity to heighten your skills and awareness. Day passes as well as full conference passes are available. Affordable for everyone!

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Biker's Betterment Conference

Leading Safety Experts Featured Presenters for Motorcycle Conference

Biker’s Betterment Conference Provides Two Days of Expert Content on Motorcycle Safety

Milwaukee, WI – February 17, 2011 Accident Scene Management Inc. (ASMI), a national provider of training for motorcycle safety related classes, today announced they will be holding their 2nd annual Biker’s Betterment Conference (BBC) March 25-26, 2011 in Chicago, IL at the Doubletree Hotel & Convention Center O’Hare. .

The conference is being hosted by ASMI’s Road Guardian Program and includes nationally known speakers addressing each of six educational categories derived from the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety: Rider Education, First Response, Motorist Awareness, Impaired Riding, Apparel, Laws/Govt.

The conference includes Mass CPR training on Friday afternoon followed by a Friday evening cocktail reception with the opportunity to network with National Leaders in motorcycle safety for those attending the full conference. Daily passes are also available. On Saturday, attendees will also have the opportunity to experience skills demonstrations coordinated by Bob Ritter, coordinator of Northern Illinois Motorcycle Safety Project and a motorcycle crash simulation coordinated by NFP Rescue Riders. An awards banquet emceed by Open Road Radio and Gina Woods will complete our conference Saturday evening. The educational sessions feature leading industry experts including:

- Keynote Speaker: Al Hydeman Director of Research Design & Development for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation – Al will share why motorcycling is not a passive sport. He will enlighten us with ways the MSF encourages Education and supports the mission of ASMI/Road Guardians through Life Long Learning!
- Andy Goldfine, Design Manager of Aero Design & Manufacturing “Protective Apparel Design”
- Michael Aguilar: “Impaired and Distracted Driving – Prevention Campaigns that work.” -
- Teresa “Trauma Mama” McClelland, RN, TNS – “Prevent Further Injury”
- Paul W. Cote, New England Road Riding Delegate to AMA Congress – “Check Twice”
- Jayson White: MSF Site Coordinator for the MSF Campus @ Troy, OH coordinating the SMARTrainer and Group Riding workshop.
- Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo, Founder of ABATE of Wisconsin and honorary member of Lawmakers – “Preserving Motorcycling – Sport vs Lifestyle”
- Attorney Randy Sevenish will coordinate a panel discussion re: insurance changes that affect you! experts will answer your questions.

Additional conference information is available online at or by calling toll free (877) 411-8551

# # #
About Accident Scene Management Inc. – ASMI, headquartered in Big Bend, WI est. 1996, is a 501c3 non-profit organization supported by motorcyclist for motorcyclists, and founded by Vicki Sanfelipo, RN/EMT. The courses are recognized by the American Motorcyclist Assoc. (AMA), American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Many insurance companies offer discounts for course completion.

About Road Guardians - Road Guardians is a program aimed at reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists by promoting safety on the road, and more! Road Guardians uses a program of Resources, Rewards and Recognition to encourage educated responsible riding. provides a one stop online resource for all motorcycle safety, legal and rider networking.

About Vicki Sanfelipo, RN/EMT – Vicki is the author of A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist, and established the non-profit organization Accident Scene Management, Inc. in 1996. Vicki has over 25 years of experience in the field of nursing from Critical Care to the Operating Room and is a licensed EMT. She teaches CPR, Defibrillators, and First Aid for the American Heart Association. She has been riding her own motorcycle since 1987. She supports her love of motorcycles and safety through her memberships in the Iron Butt Association, a life member of A.B.A.T.E., various HOG chapters, Motorcycle Riders Foundation, BOLT, Patriot Guard, St. Croix Valley Riders, and the American Motorcyclist Association. Vicki has given hundreds of presentations on motorcycle safety, and represents Motorcycle Trauma issues as a partner in the NHTSA (DOT) hosted motorcycle safety network meetings in Washington D.C.



Sevenish Law Firm

by Randy Sevenish

In late 2010 the U.S. Department of Transportation held their Second National Distracted Driving Summit. During the Summit, Secretary Ray LaHood announced that 550 U.S. companies - employing 1.5 million people nationwide – have committed to enacting anti-distracted driving employee policies in the next twelve months. In addition the Secretary talked about the many initiatives and commitments being made by people and organizations throughout the country to address the epidemic of distracted driving in America.

As motorcyclists this is an issue of extreme importance to us. With distracted driving on the rise it is nothing short of imperative for bikers to drive defensively and be prepared for the inevitable distracted driver that you will at some point encounter whom will turn in front of you and then compound the harm by claiming they did not see you.

Research shows that two-thirds of all motorcycle crashes involving an automobile are caused by the driver of the automobile. Our primary concern regarding distracted driving is to better equip you as bikers to take extra measures to avoid being victims of distracted drivers. I hope it goes without saying that you are not engaging in distracted driving yourselves.

Here are some tips for bikers to avoid being the victim of a distracted driver:
       1. Use your high beams at all times when riding to help ensure that you are visible to other drivers.

       2. Wear protective gear that has some reflective element and wear clothing that has a high visibility color in it.

       3. Keep a little more distance between you and other vehicles then you have in the past. This small extra measure could help you compensate for the sometimes erratic moves of a distracted driver.

       4. Make sure you do not drive in the other driver’s blind spot. If you can see the other driver in your side view mirror, then it is fairly likely that he can see you.

       5. Try to avoid driving in close proximity to trucks, vans and other large vehicles that may block the view of your motorcycle to other drivers.

       6. Make all lane change moves carefully, being sure to signal clearly and allow enough time to be seen.

       7. Flash your brake lights a few times before you slow down or stop. This will help ensure that other drivers see you.

Always remember that your biggest challenge is to be seen by other drivers. The fact that many of those other drivers are also distracted drivers makes it all the more important that you refine your safety practices when riding a motorcycle.



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