May 2010

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In this issue:

1. A word from the Director

2. Website features by Andrea Lyman

3. Featured Biker-Owned Business: Babboni Photography

4. Safety Corner by Chris Hawver

5. The Educated Biker: Motorcycle Awareness Month and Tricks of the Trade by Trauma Mama

6. Wacky Pic of the Month!


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4. Women In Motion/Tommy Thompson Reunion Ride 2010
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Vicki SanfelipoA word from the Director
by Vicki Sanfelipo

I love my job!!!!

I work hard, 7 days a week and often 12 hours a day but I am so lucky. I get to work with, and for, motorcyclists. I can ride to work and sometimes even ride FOR work!!!! The month of May is half over already but it is thought of as the start of the riding season for most of us Northern folks and I personally switch from teaching Accident Scene Management (ASMI) classes every weekend to promoting ASMI training and Road Guardians every weekend. One very special event this summer that I look forward to is Tommy Thompson’s Reunion Ride which is being combined with Women In Motion (WIM) Road Guardians “River Road Fundraiser”! How exciting is that?!!! Two events in one extended weekend. People can join us for the whole event or they can sign up for a daily rate. The ride starts in Madison, WI this year with a party at the CC Rider’s Clubhouse Wednesday Evening June 21st. The ride will then travel to Monroe, WI - Galena, IL - Clinton, IA - Dubuque, IA – La Crosse, WI – Chippewa Falls, WI & Phillips, WI. Parties and meals galore!!! If you have never done this ride before, you should. If you have done the ride – I'll bet you are looking forward to 2010! Tommy and Stormin’ Norman from NYC will be there for the entire ride. Of course Sunday morning July 25th we will end the event with our now famous Topless Bike Wash, where the guys wash the girl’s bikes topless. There are so many events to choose from on any given weekend but this is one of the few that not only will provide you with lasting memories of a good time but your event registration is a tax deducible donation to Accident Scene Management. ASMI is the leader in Bystander Assistance training for motorcyclists and EMS in the area of motorcycle trauma. ASMI is also the home of Road Guardians, a program of Resources, Rewards, and Recognition that reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists by encouraging life long learning. Hope to see you out on the road this summer. I’ll be at all major events with the Allstate Garage. Be sure to stop by and say Hi!

Women In Motion Signup - click here!

Andi Website Features
by Andrea Lyman

Summer Events

Did you know that the Road Guardian's website is user driven? You (yes, YOU!) can spread the word about your favorite upcoming event by visiting Give it a whirl and let's make summer 2010 one to remember!




Featured Biker-Owned Business

Babboni Photography

"Capturing Life!"

Wayde and Lisa became involved with the biker community while photographing bikers for Harley's 100th anniversary. Meeting everyone shattered our stereotypical image of motorcycle owners. They published a book "The year in pictures-2003".

Wayde surprised Lisa with a 2004 Custom Sportster for Christmas that year. They both took Rider's Edge the following spring and have been enjoying being Harley owners ever since.

"It was great to learn something new in my early 40's. It was very empowering to take Rider's Edge and practice hard to become confident in my abilities and comfortable handling my bike. We have so much respect for the people who work so hard to make riding not only pleasurable but safe." -Lisa

"We have formed so many wonderful friendships within the biker community. We enjoy being a part of the charity fundraising and the unique fellowship bikers have." -Wayde

In describing our work at Babboni Photography we feel that the phrase, "Capturing Life!" says it all. That's what we do each day at our studio. When you have professional portraits taken, time stops for a moment, and life's most precious memories are captured... a new baby, a child at play, a high school senior, a bride-to-be, a wedding celebration, a family reunion...

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We know how important it is to you that your portraits are done right. Instead of being a stressful experience with disappointing results, Babboni's makes the experience of having your portrait taken an enjoyable one, and you'll be thrilled with the portraits your receive. Your satisfaction with our work is always fully guaranteed.
Building A Reputation for Excellence
Babboni Photography has been servicing Wisconsin families for many years and our experience shows! We strive for the highest level of customer service and beautiful photography. Your portrait session will be fun and memorable. In addition to being one of Milwaukee's leading wedding photography studios, Babboni's has also been described as Milwaukee's favorite family and children's photographer.

We love our customers, and they love us - so much so that 80% of our business comes from our customers recommending our studio to others. We've built a reputation for excellence both in beautiful photography and in personalized service to our customers. Our photographer is among the very best family and children's photographers in the industry, with many years of experience creating cherished family memories through portraits.

For Road Guardian newsletter subscribers!
Receive a free session during normal studio hours. Visit

babboni photography
21185 Gumina Road
Brookfield, WI 53072


Chris Hawver Safety Corner
by Chris Hawver

This month we will invite you to kick back and watch a video that is both informative, and entertaining. Enjoy!

Next Level TV



Trauma Mama The Educated Biker
by Trauma Mama

Motorcycle Awareness Month and Tricks of the Trade

As riders, we recognize May as Motorcycle Awareness Month. Mainly because most riders break out their rides, tune ‘em up and polish them pretty. We want motorists to be aware that we are out and about on our two wheels. This is a great opportunity for motorcyclists to be more aware of one another on the road as well. As excited as you may be, it is important to also ride safe. Know your limitations while riding. Take your time to get used to handling your bike again. Watch your speeds, as law enforcement is also recognizing motorcyclist more and you don’t need to give them a reason to pull you over. Word has it they will be especially checking M endorsements on your license and insurance.

In my practice and experience I have come across several "Tricks of the Trade". Sometimes it’s the littlest helpful hint that will make your care to an injured person run so much smoother or even save their live. In the Medical Profession we call these "Trauma Pearls". I love to share these with my fellow riders. Keep in mind that these are these are helpful hints in caring for trauma and injuries. Please do not attempt anything you are not properly trained to do. I hope that other members who are trained will share their secrets or lessons of "what to do or what NOT to do next time".

Airway: Clearing an airway can be difficult if your patient vomits. What do you do on the road and don’t have a suction machine handy? Turn your pt on their side! I also keep a "Bulb" Syringe which looks just like a "Turkey Baster" in my Trauma Pack to suck out all the stuff. Smaller models can be found in the baby department of any store. You know, the thing used to remove snots from your kids nose.

If you've taken an ASMI Advanced course, we teach you how to insert an oral airway. Oral airways are for maintaining an airway in an unconscious victim. Keep in mind if the person is semi-conscious and you attempt to place an airway they will most likely vomit because it stimulates the “gag reflex". By brushing lightly across the eyelashes of your patient with your index finger, you can tell if the still have a gag reflex. If they blink, or eyelashes flutter, do not place an airway. If they don’t blink rest assured they are truly "out to lunch" and its ok to place that airway.

Wound Care: When it comes to cleaning scrapes and cuts, its best to wash with antibacterial soap and water. If your injured person is ambulatory and a sink is available, have them go wash their wound themselves. Why waste your supplies? After it is clean, apply an antibiotic ointment and a bandage. Never use a waterless soap or alcohol gel as it will burn like a motha....Peroxide and betadine solutions can also clean wounds but there is some controversial literature that states they can compromise healthy tissue around a wound. Road Rash really needs to be scrubbed clean. These are very dirty nasty wounds. Encourage these folks to get medical attention and pain medication. In the mean time, you can wash with soap and water if available, irrigate with saline or cool clean water, remove any visible debris and apply an antibiotic ointment or burn cream with a light dressing. Deep wounds, avulsions, open fractures (bones exposed), amputations and abdominal eviscerations (your guts hanging out) all require moist dressings with saline. When it comes to irrigating a wound, it is best to stick with a saline solution. General bleeding management consisting of direct pressure and elevation as well as a pressure dressing may also be required. Tourniquets are a last resort and should be placed as close to the injury as possible and be reevaluated often. As you carry your first responder supplies, pull them out and check for any expired or damaged supplies and replace them. This should be done at least twice a year.

Musculoskeletal injuries: Ice packs can be applied for any musculoskeletal injury for 15- 20 minute increments during the first 24 hours post injury. Clavicle, shoulder and arm injuries can all be managed by applying a sling. Any extremity splinting should be done above and below the injury and circulation reassessed.

Fuel and empty: One of the most common injuries to motorcyclists are called straddle injuries. Well, just think about it we straddle our bike and ride, ride, ride. Upon impact, riders are more prone to pelvic and internal bladder injuries. Generally when we stop, we fuel our bike and fuel our bodies.... with H2O and sport drinks I’m sure. Most importantly, we should empty our bladder. Even if you don’t think you have to go. You should try. Full bladders are more likely to rupture or "pop" upon impact, which can create a bladder tear, severe internal bleeding and increase hypovolemic shock. Even if a bladder injury is ruled out or not suspected, when EMS responds, if you end up being transported to the ER, you will most likely spend a great deal of time strapped to that back board before you can get up and empty your bladder. It is very difficult to urinate lying down.

Spring time can bring some really goofy weather. Dress appropriately. Layers work best and don’t forget to pack some extra clothes or rain gear for those days of getting caught in the rain.
As Road Guardians we know this stuff. For Motorcycle Awareness Month let’s remind our riding community to do the same!

Until Next time, Ride Until next time, ride safe.

Teresa "Trauma Mama" McClelland RN, TNS
Certified Road Guardian Charter Member / Advisory Board
ASMI Instructor Trainer
Rescue Riders
Director of Training




Great news!!!! 10th annual River Road Fundraiser and 16th annual Tommy Thompson's Reunion Ride will be hosted by the Women In Motion Roadguards. Registration is now open!!! This 3 day 4 night event will pamper you with an escorted ride that starts in Madison, WI and ends in Phillips, WI 575 miles later. Have a wonderful time, make new friends and support a fundraiser that benefits bikers! July 21-25, 2010.

This ride is Accident Scene Management's largest annual fundraiser. ASMI teaches the Bystander Assistance course "A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist". If you are unable to attend the event but would still like to help, click here. You will find other ways in which you can help ASMI. Your support helps keep ASMI growing for the benefit of all riders.

Visit for more information and to register.

Women in Motion


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