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When a loved one crashes right in front of you

Scooter crashBy Cindy Gagliano
Because I work for Accident Scene Management and have taken the training, I realize how important the classes are but one cannot truly appreciate the value of that information until they are faced with an accident that happens right before their eyes! I could not have anticipated that this would happen to me. On 9/11/16 while I was riding with my fiancée, Dave Heisler, a car passed us on our right as we were trying to make a right turn. Just a few feet in front of me I saw the person I love go flying threw the air. As the car hit him, he went one direction with his bike going in the opposite direction. The first thoughts in my mind were, “Stay calm and remember what you learned in Accident Scene Management. Remember PACT!!!! Prevent further Injury, Assess the Situation, Contact the EMS, then Treat the Injuries”. I actually remember thinking in detail, “Stop the bike, now put the kickstand down, and above all remain calm”.

The first thing Dave tried to do was to get up. Because he was not in danger of being run over, I immediately told him to get back down and don't move! I grabbed my phone, went to his side and called 911.

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Lonestar Rally Galveston, TX

Scooter crashStop by the Allstate Rider Protection Zone to meet the Founder of Accident Scene Management, Vicki Sanfelipo AKA Spitfire. Vicki and ASM Instructor Trainer Colleen Vetere will be doing presentations and a mock crash demo at the corner of:

21st and Harborside Dr. Galveston
3-5:00 pm Nov 3rd-5th
11-1:00 pm Nov 6th

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Free Insurance

At Road Guardians, we care about each and every one of you. Hearing Protection for Motorcycle Riders It is our sincere hope that helping you be safer out there on the road will result in fewer instances of injuries and fatalities. The latest report from NHTSA(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) showed that numbers of motorcycle related injuries and fatalities have been dropping. We have been working on this since 1996 through Accident Scene Management Training for motorcyclists and Professional Rescuers. We have become the largest and most recognized Motorcycle Trauma Training organization in the world! As a Non-profit organization we see our mission as one of supporting our instructors as they reach out to their communities to teach.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we rely on our partners and Road Guardian memberships to support our efforts. We ask for only $20/year from our members and then try to give that value back to you every chance we can. Are you able to help be part of our collective solution? Do all you can to avoid a crash but if that does not work, know how to properly respond.

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River Road Rally in Galena Illinois

Save the Date: July 14-16, 2016. Call the hotel NOW to book your room and get 2016 rates. Rates will go up in January 1, 2017!

Call now - (800) 397-1320

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