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  ASM Student Uses Training New Classes / Instructors Winterize Your Motorcycle

ASM student uses information one week after training!

ASM instructor Colleen Vetere and her husband "Tyke" from Colorado have been teaching ASM courses for over 10 years. They started out in Charlotte, NC and have taught wherever their travels take them. Our instructors teach because they want to make a difference. It is messages like this that spur them on to want to continue supporting the motorcycling community. Injuries are not always severe but being able to manage the scene as well as help a potentially injured person is supportive for everyone involved. Colleen submitted this message from one of her students after teaching a class just one week ago:

"Colleen, I wanted to drop you a note. The last two days have been some of the best layperson training I have ever taken part in. I thoroughly enjoyed it and relearned things I had completely forgotten. Thanks for the time and for bringing back this and new knowledge for my use. I look forward to talking with you about future endeavors. Thanks again, it was a very enjoyable time.

Bike accident

My husband left for Minnesota this morning, so I am finally able to sit down to write my story. Click to read more.

Planning for winter ASM classes/new instructors (CA, IL, NJ, TN, Virginia)
Santa Cruz, CA ASM Instructor Training 10-2014

The key to reducing injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists is education (and implementation of education). Road Guardians encourage all motorcyclists to become life long learners and to do all they can to avoid a crash from occurring. We also go one step further than many other safety programs by connecting motorcycle trauma first response as part of the solution. Out of the 18 million motorcyclists in the USA, ASM has taught 25,000. That leaves many more riders who really should know how to help a friend in a time of need. We have over 150 instructors in 32 states and have trained over 25,000 students but that leaves 17,075,000 who still need to be trained!

Recent instructor training classes were held in Northern Illinois by Rescue Riders, Santa Cruz, CA & another class will be taught Nov 7-10th in Big Bend Wisconsin at Road Guardians Headquarters which will add New Jersey and Virginia to the map.

ASM Training

Now is the perfect time to plan training for your group. Classes are currently being scheduled for January - May 2014. Planning now will lead to a more successful spring class.

Find out what it takes to be an ASM certified instructor or find an instructor to teach a class by clicking here.

Winterize Your Motorcycle

Many riders live in states that experience long months of bitter cold temperatures and snowy conditions: Not ideal for riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycle dealerships and repair shops offer winter storage in these states and charge anywhere from $199 to $300 for this service. Itís a convenience to have your motorcycle stored in a heated service garage, and it provides you with a little more space in your own garage. These dealers will perform some service on your bike to ready it for the winter months but it is something that any rider can do right at home. Watch the video (below) and see for yourself. If space isnít a factor, consider getting your bike ready for the winter yourself and save some money.

Play Video on Winterizing Your Motorcycle

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