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Scooter crash A good buddy of mine and I were out on a ride last Friday, then things went “south.” We had been out riding the Baraboo bluffs and Ron was now in the lead on a road that he had ridden several times. For some reason Ron drifted off the pavement, tried to maintain control, “highsided,” and was catapulted off the bike, into the ditch. He landed on his back about 60 feet from the bike, which was on the shoulder of the road. I got to Ron in less than a minute, and found him conscious and breathing (thank God). He was wearing a full-face helmet. He could not move, or feel his extremities, but he could talk coherently (could count my fingers, etc.). I called 911 but was unsure of our location.

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Just wanted to send you both a quick note to let you know how glad many of us were that we took the Accident Scene Management course with you last spring.Scooter crash

This past weekend one of our riders went down on Route 17 in Vermont. He was able to get up and get his bike going and said that he was fine. (You know guys-they want to shake it off and keep going.) A little while later, it turned out that he began not feeling well. When we stopped and he got off his bike, he had a bleeding leg under his chaps, as well as a nasty bruise on his head. We also saw that he was white as a ghost. Because we took your class, we recognized that he was going into shock. The members worked together very fluidly to lay him down, ice his head, elevate his feet, do a compression bandage on the leg and keep him warm until it was determined that he could go to a hospital on the back of a bike and was now not in shock anymore.

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Here is what professional rescuers have to say about our Motorcycle Specific Bystander Training

"Excellent course! Even being in EMS for almost twenty-four yet I still felt I walked away with something new. Heightened awareness of motorcycle trauma and education on preparedness. EMS needs to know they have these trained people at the scene. They are definitely appreciated! Nice job Vicki, Tony, Chad, and Moses! Great information (referring to legal portion)."
Jack Hill - Director Gold Cross Ambulance Service

"As an EMT with nearly 30 years experience, an instructor for Milwaukee County EMS, a former member of the Medical Society of Milwaukee County's Quality Assurance Committee for EMS I feel I am qualified to state that this course is one of the best I have EVER participated in considering the amount of "useable" information given in the amount of time available. I look forward to taking the advanced course. Thank you, thanks to the sponsor."
David Flynn

Why Give?

The Hearing Protection for Motorcycle RidersAccident Scene Management motorcycle trauma training is for EMS and Motorcyclists. We have become the largest and most recognized organization in the world that deals with motorcycle trauma. Our mission is simple: To reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. We believe that preventing a crash in the first place is the best thing to do but when all else fails, proper response at the scene of a crash is critical to outcomes.

Options for giving:

$25 trains one Professional Rescuer
$75 trains one Motorcyclist (Basic Level Training)
$150 trains one Road Captain (Advanced Level Training)
$250 trains one certified ASM instructor

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization we rely on our partners and Road Guardian memberships to support our efforts. We ask for only $20/year from our members and then try to give that value back to you every chance we can. Are you able to help be part of our collective solution? Do all you can to avoid a crash but if that does not work, know how to properly respond.

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