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My First Accident Scene

The following accounting was submitted by one of our students who completed Accident Scene Management Training Spring 2017. Juts a few months later her training was put to a test.
Drinking water
Let me start out by saying, “Always bring your first Aid Kit”! I almost didn’t bring it with me thinking that our Road Captains would be equipped with a First Aid kit.

We were on a HOG chapter Discover Wisconsin Ride that took us through some of Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads. The road we were on was narrow with a tar and gravel surface. We were rounding a blind curve when the person in back of me took the curve too fast and crashed their bike. I heard, “Get my bike off of me!” There were 4 of us who ran to the site and lifted the bike. The person was talking and I thought, “Ok, that means they are breathing! As I assessed the person I determined they were in shock just trying to grasp what had just happened to them. I asked if they were all right but my questions went unanswered. I sent someone down the road 100 yards to control traffic while I continued to deal with the victim’s emotional state. They were consumed with the condition of their bike.

Eventually we got the person on their feet while continuing to assess any issues. The person complained of possible broken fingers. I asked that they wiggle their fingers at which time they said no while actually wiggling the fingers. I got an ice pack out of my trauma kit and gave it to the person to put where they needed it. After 10-15 minutes the Road Captains got the person back on their bike and felt they were safe to ride.

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5 Deer Facts EVERY Rider Should Know

Written by: Melissa Juranitch, MSF RiderCoach
Motorcycle Marketing Specialist

Drinking water When the leaves are changing, deer are more active. Here are five fast facts that you NEED to know as a motorcyclist on the road. Because deer collisions are so prevalent in Wisconsin, we are using Wisconsin Statistics and resources. Keep in mind that these tips can be used by anyone, anywhere!

1. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT), October and November record the highest number of vehicle collisions with deer.
2. Over 90 percent of collisions with deer happen at dusk & dawn, between 5-8 a.m. and 5-11 p.m., according to the Skilled Motorcyclist Association (SMA).
3. Typically, the best course of action if a collision with a deer is imminent, is to brake hard in a straight line and release before impact. This will slow your speed as much as possible while still maintaining useful momentum at the point of impact.

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Drinking waterNew Instructors

Five new instructors were added from 4 states:
Robert Boom, NV
William Scott, NV
Deby Clover, ID
Jonathan Stone, NJ
Kevin Carpenter, WI

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