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February 2014
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This month we feature:
Hoka Hey 2013 Rider 779
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Hoka Hey 2013 Rider 779 - Solitary, Without the Confinement Part 3

Canada is a beautiful country.  It just goes on forever and ever.  Those endless expanses do lack some amenities; like gas stations.  If you are in Canada and you see a gas station then you better stop and get gas; even if you don’t need to.

Right after getting gas I wasted 40 miles due to a wrong turn.  If I had used my brain I would have gotten gas again, but apparently my brain was otherwise engaged.  My bike has a 6 gallon tank and I was getting an average of 40 miles per gallon; I’ll let you do the math.  The scenery was great, the road was great, the weather was great… all in all life was good.  Even the Moose who watched me ride by from the side of the road looked like he was having a good time.  I was livin’ the dream, that is until I got down to about a quarter tank and started looking for a gas station.  Since my last wrong turn I had not seen two pieces of wood nailed together, let alone a gas station

I’ll shorten this story for you a bit.  My gas gage is now on “E” and no station in sight.  I just knew I was going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting on a Good Samaritan, a serial killer or a deranged moose.  The digital indicator on my ride is showing “LO.”  Of course “LO” meaning low.  At this point I have about 230 miles on this tank and I’m getting nervous.  Not sure why, but I could not take my eyes off that indicator; like looking at it was going to get me any further down the road.  I was to the point where I was coasting down hills with the engine off.  Not sure if that helped or hindered gas consumption. Click to continue reading.

Morotcycle Resources at RoadGuardians.org


Reviews.com, is a small online start-up located in Seattle. Their goal is to help people save time and money by helping them make the right decisions. They hope to achieve that goal by delivering honest, data-driven product reviews. Unlike sites such as the Consumer Reports, their site is completely free and accessible to everyone. They take pride in the fact that guides on their site are honest and comprehensive, while at the same time completely free for everyone to use. See the 2014 Motorcycle Insurance Reviews and other Motorcycle resources on our website at RoadGuardians.org/links

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Summer 2013

Motorcycle AccidentWe were on a H.O.G. chapter ride with riders who possessed a wide range of skills. The day was gorgeous. The windy, twisty roads of southwest WI were in fine condition and all was well until one rider’s misfortune. The accident happened mid-group on a sweeping 90 corner, up hill into the corner and downhill going out. I heard a rider key his CB and hollered “rider down”, meanwhile navigating his bike around the accident. I recognized the voice on the CB as the bike in front of me, which meant I was about to come upon the scene. We both stopped, the guy on the CB stopped down the road from the scene and I stopped in back. The first 4 persons on the scene were Accident Scene Management trained and immediately sprang into action. It was just as we had practiced - people knew where to go and what to do with little prompting. Prevent further injuries – one person headed in either direction to position and cover the blind corners to control traffic. All riders in front had continued on to a safe place to keep the road clear. Assess the situation: the rider was mobile and alert but in obvious pain. Contact the EMS: The injured rider refused an EMS call so we Wayne Paulydidn’t call for assistance. Treat the injured: we cleansed and bandaged the road rash, talked with the injured rider, being mindful of shock, and formulating a plan for further treatment of his wounds. In the end, he required treatment at the local emergency room to properly attend to the injuries. I do not look forward to using the training again, although I now have more confidence based on living through the real deal. I am so glad we were prepared!


Wayne Pauly

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