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Safety On the Shoulder

I've heard it all!
-Pull over safely
-Never pull over under a bridge
-Always drive to an exit to get off the highway
-Angle your vehicle to increase visibility

Blah, Blah, Blah. Whatís a biker to do? If you experience an emergency and are unable to drive to a "safe" location, what should you do? If the rain coming down so hard that you canít see a thing and you are hydro-planning, is it still unsafe to stop under a bridge? Motorcycle on Shoulder

I wonít pretend to be the ultimate expert but this is a question I just donít see answered when I search the Internet. Opinions from motorcyclists are as varied as the wind, so I will speak from 30 years of riding experience. You are welcome to share your opinions after the article and give us some examples of what YOU have done or would do. I will speak about interstate travel only in this article.

Pull Over Safely
When I need to pull over on the interstate, I check my mirrors first to be sure no one is coming up fast from behind me or following too closely to avoid rear ending me. I assume they are distracted and may need a little extra time to make an informed decision about moving over or slowing down.

When I feel it is safe, I apply my turn signal before backing off of the throttle or hitting my brakes. I slow down a little and check my mirrors to be sure the person in back of me understood my intention. I slow down enough to be able to exit onto the shoulder and past the rumble strip with ease. While crossing the rumble strip, I let go of the brake. I am constantly scanning the shoulder to be sure there are not any hazards, such as pieces of tires, broken glass, etc. I pull as far as I can to the right before stopping. I put my flashers on and check my mirrors again before I put my bike on the kickstand. I then exit to the right (away from traffic).

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ASM skills used on Iron Butt Ride

Written to Trina Michaelis Ė ASM certified instructor in Idaho, by Crystal Sverdsten

I had to use a few ASM skills on our big ride last weekend for a lady who rolled her truck in the opposite lanes just as we were approaching - She was pinned in her truck, upside down and it took over half an hour for EMS to get there - There wasn't a lot we could do, but I made sure there wasn't anyone else with her, checked her for bleeding and feeling in her extremities, Motorcycle on Shouldergot her calmed down and talking as best she could. I tried to get vitals and info to give to First Pick-up_roll-overResponders - It was seriously scary stuff for us! Anyway, that got me really thinking about how long it's been since our class.

Unfortunately, we had to leave her 'hanging' -for nearly 40 minutes - That's what made it so scary! - We saw her drift into the median and then she over corrected right onto the shoulder, where she flipped over twice and landed upside down. We pulled over and I immediately checked traffic and ran across the divided highway, taking my helmet off on the way.

I reached the truck and saw that the cab was crushed, so I climbed around to the passenger side where I got on the ground to see in the window. I could see the woman, upside down, screaming to help her get out. I told I was there and would try to help. I asked her if anyone else was with her - She said "No." (Thank God because the back seat was completely crushed from seat to roof!) I told her I wasn't leaving, I just needed to make sure help was coming and I asked my husband, who had followed me over, if the truck was stable or leaking - He said it looked OK, so I told him to make sure 911 was called and I belly-crawled into the cab. I asked her for her name, made sure she could breathe, did a visual check for bleeding and told her I was going to touch her feet and hands and asked if she could feel me touching her - which she said she could. I asked her where she was hurting, but she wasn't sure. She was still panicking about wanting out, so I had to tell her, very firmly in my mom voice, (which I hope is both firm and reassuring?) that yes, she could breathe, she was OK, we were getting some help to get her out and that I needed her to be as still as possible and take long slow breaths with me.

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Communicating with Legilators

Attending A Public Hearing Or MeetingWhether at the city, state or federal level, the legislative and regulatory process usually includes an opportunity for public involvement. Sometimes the law requires agencies to release new regulations in proposal form, and then calls for a period of time for citizens to give their opinions in writing, at hearings, or during public meetings organized for that purpose.

Hearings are slightly more formal than public meetings, and often require submitting a summary of your comments for the record and scheduling your testimony. Public meetings usually are arranged so that speaking is done from the floor, without regard to scheduling. Generally, comments do not have to be submitted in advance, and the general protocol is less structured.

At the local or state level, there may be any number of open public meetings or hearings, depending upon the issue. At the federal level, government agencies may organize between one and a dozen public hearings in cities throughout the United States.

A hearing or public meeting can be an extremely frustrating experience, both for citizen participants and government officials. What is intended to be a beneficial exchange between the government and those governed can quickly turn into a fiasco. Anyone who has attended a meeting that got out of hand, or where one person dominated the floor, is well aware of this problem.

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A Big Valentines Day Giveaway!


Starts February 2, 2016 Ė Drawing Valentineís Day

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