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This month we feature:
Hoka Hey 2013 Rider 779

Testimonial - Hairline Fracture
Instructor Training
Road Hog: $1 Million Motorcycle
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Hoka Hey 2013 Rider 779 - Solitary, Without the Confinement Part 3

Riding is our passion. The enjoyment we feel while tooling down the highway is tainted by only one thing; that being the ever present possibility of going down. The unexpected encounter with several hundred bottles of water in the middle of the road reaffirmed that possibility.Solitary Rider 779 - Finish

Of the possible courses of action that ran through my head during that last instant not a one seemed to provide a scenario that would result in a satisfactory conclusion. Fortunately, my front tire knew which way to go and it effortlessly weaved its way through the matrix of refreshment and came out the other side. I’m still wondering how I could have managed to get through without hitting at least one bottle. The only conclusion I came up with is that my angles were on duty and fully dedicated to my safety.

Close encounters like this were numerous. Nocturnal creatures, some large and some small, seemed to find their way into my path on a nightly basis; I was not at all interested in making their acquaintance.

My wife would say I’m not a social person. She may be right, but I did enjoy meeting some of the people I encountered during the ride. All the Hoka Hey Challengers come to mind, but others as well. Like the 65 year old guy I rode up on in the middle of Nowhere, S Dakota who was riding his bicycle from his home in Eastern S Dakota to Rapid City. When asked why he would do that he responded with a question, “Why would you ride in a big circle for 8,000 miles?” I had no real response to his question. He said since he was able to do it then it made perfect sense to just do it; simple answer but accurate. The workers at the checkpoints were great people; anything we wanted they jumped on it. Whereas I didn’t actually meet the guy hauling water I will surmise he was taking water to his people because that was the only way they got it. May not be an accurate assumption, but that is the thought I will stick with. Continue Reading.

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Hairline Fracture

So the last thing I remember is….Jeff Crotzer

I have blurs, snapshots, flashes I think. I even hear all the stories. But I just think that I fell asleep and woke up to a nightmare, yet a miracle.

So here is my story. I have been riding a motorcycle since I was a kid and leading local Harley members on rides for years. So while on vacation it was no strange idea that I would lead a ride to my vacation spot. It was a great vacation until…I became that motorcycle accident victim that I teach others how to save.

They tell me I was accelerating to get onto the freeway leading the pack. What my friends behind me remember is the flash. The debris spraying all around us. The horrible sounds. The slow motion of “WTF.” Then the silence. Then the screeching of car tires burning rubber to avoid the mess.

Then the questions-the chaos. “What the F… was that?” “What just happened?” “Where is Jeff” “Where did he go?” “Is that his bike?” “OMG where is he?” No one could find me. I was missing. Little did they know, I was face down on the frontage road, about a football field away, in the dark, all alone. Breathing but unconscious. Continue Reading.

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Are you prepared to help a friend? Are they ready to help you?

Do you know a motorcyclist who is also a Healthcare Professional? EMT, Nurse, Doctor, Respiratory Therapist, Combat Medic, etc? WE NEED you! There are 17 million motorcyclists in the USA and Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians is dedicated to 1st response training of all motorcyclists. While we have trained nearly 25,000 people and have instructors in 32 states and 4 countries, the number one issue we deal with is that we don’t have enough instructors! Are you willing to serve your motorcycling community?

Instructor Training sessions will be held this Spring (Fall sessions will be announced later in the summer). Our instructors are independent. They can be hired by a group, school or organization. Some groups have even sent a member to become certified so they can have their own trainer! Motorcycle Crash

March 21-24 – Poughkeepsie, NY
Dutchess Community College - $500.00 – Class hosted by American Motorcycle Driving School. http://www.etouches.com/itny1404

April 11-14 – Carrollton, TX
Nico’s Cocina - $350.00 – class sponsored by Motorcyclist’s Trauma Care http://www.etouches.com/ittx1401

May 2-5 – Boca Raton, FL
Hilton Garden Inn - $100.00 – this class is available to residents of Florida only. Class sponsored by Celler Law. http://www.etouches.com/itfl1405

The most likely person to be first at the scene of a motorcycle crash is another motorcyclist. A motorcycle crash has special circumstances. Traffic control, moving the injured, Helmet removal and Jaw Thrust rescue breathing are all part of our 8 hour class “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist”. Priorities are outlined in a logical order with a focus on identifying and treating life threatening injuries. In the words of Slider Gilmore “the more people we get trained, the better off we are all going to be”. Are you ready to help your friends? Are they ready to help you? Questions? Contact Road Guardians at 262-706-3278 or e-mailinfo@roadguardians.org

Road Hog: $1 Million Motorcycle Coming Soon

By Robert Frank

It wasn’t that long ago that the first $1 million car was news. Now, a two-wheel vehicle is about to hit seven figures.

Lauge Jensen, the Denmark-based maker of customized motorcycles, recently sold what is believed to be the most expensive bike (of current production) ever.

The motorcycle, called “Goldfinger,” was plated with 24-karat gold and covered with 250 small diamonds totaling more than 7 carats. The seat is upholstered with what the company calls a “unique cognac-colored crocodile skin” and the bike’s parts—859 of them—were individually gold-plated by hand.

GoldfingerDetail of Lauge Jensen’s “Goldfinger” motorcycle. The company said the bike’s parts—859 of them—were individually gold-plated by hand.

It was shown at special events in Monaco and Dubai, before a private buyer snapped it up.

The sale price: $850,000.

Uffe Lauge Jensen, the company’s founder and chief creator, declined to comment on the buyer or even the buyer’s country. But he said there were many buyers interested in Goldfinger despite the price.

Continue Reading

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