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Dr. Ray’s Seasoned Rider Course

Available in iTunes – 15 modules for FREE from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

Course DescriptionDr. Rays Season Rider Course
In response to the continuing increase in the average age of motorcyclists (now 40 years of age), MSF has developed this course to help riders stay safe through all phases of their life.

All riders should understand that safe riding depends as much on the mental skills of awareness and judgment as it does on the physical skill of maneuvering the machine; in other words, respond early to possible hazards instead of having to react instantly to an emergency. Aging affects mental and physical skills, and riders can compensate somewhat for the decline of both types of skills to extend their enjoyment of motorcycling into their twilight years.

  • Week 1. Introduction: How aging affects motorcycle riding
  • Week 2. Compensating for the effects of aging
  • Week 3. Ride Preparation
  • Week 4: Riding Tips
  • Week 5: Self-assessments

The course concludes with a self-assessment quiz to help you review the critical safety information on the effects of aging, riding preparation, and tips.

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Safer Group Rides

Your organization is doing a charity ride of some sort and you have to get 100 motorcycles through town without breaking the pack up. You contacted the local law enforcement agency, but they refused to help out. So you decide to have some road guards stop traffic at intersections to keep everyone moving and together. Is that legal?Group of Motorcycles

Well if you live in Minnesota or Illinois it is. And hopefully Ohio will be added to that select list. Of course there is a condition that goes along with this; you must be a certified motorcycle road guard.

Motorcyclists are some of the most generous people around and often participate in fund raising activities for various community groups, food banks, veteran’s causes and more. Because we ride, our bikes are included in the fund raising activities by means of a group ride. Lately, police have been more reluctant to assist with traffic control, citing manpower and overtime issues. The refusal to help rides is epidemic and nationwide. Being bikers, we just do what we’ve always done and that’s take matters into our own hands. The problem with that is it’s illegal. If a road guard were injured while stopping traffic, he probably wouldn’t be covered by his vehicle insurance either because of the illegal activity. Even with that said, we know the safest and most expeditious way to move a large pack through town is to block the intersections and control traffic. Minnesota solved this problem, with the help of ABATE of Minnesota, by passing the Motorcycle Road Guard Certificate Program.

Passed in 2012, this program allows motorcyclists to be certified as traffic controllers, trained in flagging operations, intersection traffic control, the rules of the road and group ride instruction. Continue Reading by clicking here.

What are you waiting for?

Our Students tell us wonderful stories all the time!!!! Often they express surprise thinking that they are attending “another first aid or CPR class”.ASM Class They are delighted when they realize that they learn so much usable and practical information in just one day. Have you friends learned how to help you if you need their help? Have you learned how to help them?

Georgia student wrote:
Jean and Phil: I didn't get a chance to thank you for the class on Sunday. When I got home my husband asked me what I learned. I told him just some common sense stuff... Then we got to talking and I kept talking about the many things that I learned. I sat back and realized I hadn't fully appreciated everything you taught in the class until I had time to process it. Thank you so much for teaching this course! I hope to never need any of what I learned but in reality I know one day I will be using something that you taught me. You made me aware of so many things that I never considered or even worse, took for granted. Thank you again for your time, energy, and expertise in helping me be a better and more responsible rider.

Ohio Student- Very informative & well presented. Covered a lot of material in a clear concise manner. Materials and hands on training were very much appreciated.

Indiana Student- Very personable instructors. Kept us engaged with EXTREMELY valuable information! SO HAPPY this finally came together for our group.

Tennessee Student- Very informative and beneficial, serious yet fun! Learned so much. Thank you! Well executed, positive learning environment. Interactive participation encouraged. Experience and real life scenarios were appropriate for the audience.

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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Riding in the Rain
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