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Get Your Rooms Reserved Now for the River Road Fundraiser!

ASMI’s largest Fundraiser of the year.

River Road Fundraiser
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Poker Run, Auction, evening parties and more.

Event includes a Poker Run Hand + two evening meals: Friday at Dubuque H-D and Saturday evening is being planned yet but will include an Auction wo-manned by Diva Amy from Team Diva! The Poker Run is being handled again this year by Ann Skemp, Jayne Reuter & MC Rag: Stormin’ Norman and Jennifer Knourek. Advance registration cost is $50 ($60 at the door) per person. Road Guardians members: $10 off.

The hotels share a parking Lot – Mention Road Guardians for our group rate. Room block expires June 18th so don’t delay!!!! Hotels in Dubuque fill up in July and it will be difficult to find a room after the room blocks are released.

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Event shirts available for $15. Choice of ladies tank top or men’s t-shirt during your registration.

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ASM Certified instructors are in one word “Overacheivers”!

VIMG_5000-2ASM/Road Guardians is so proud of the quality instructors they have. Recently, instructors have been trained in New York, Texas and Florida. Because teaching is truly a labor of love we know that the reasons a person chooses to teach this program are because they want to make a difference in their part of the world. I would like to introduce you to one of the people who stepped up to be trained in New York.  William (Bill) Black. Bill has been married for 38 years. He has 2 children & 2 grandchildren. He served in the United States Air Force as an Airborne Electronics Warfare System Specialist, 6944th Security Wing, Offutt AFB, Omaha, NE, Kadena AFB, Okinowa Japan, Mildenhall RAF, England, Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. In his spare time Bill operates a Ham Radio & enjoys Scuba Diving. What this tells me about Bill so far is that he LOVES LIFE!!!!2014-03-24_Bill

When I asked why this talented man chose to teach Accident Scene Management classes to his fellow riders he said: “When I was asked to take the Accident Scene Management course and become an Instructor I was thinking what can this person who has never ridden in the back of an Ambulance teach me about Motorcycle accident scene management. When Vicki “Spitfire” started the class I was greatly surprised at the content of the course. Vicki has put together a very well thought out course for the Lay Public and the Professional. I have been teaching some of those things in the EMT/Paramedic classes I teach for years as extra’s that I have added. I have also taught some of the techniques in the course to local clubs for years. But having it all put together in one Nationally Recognized Course is a definite plus. The course is very well organized and teaches techniques that anybody can do.

Bill has been riding for 30+ years. He started out Hill Climbing and dirt biking on a CZ400. Since then he owned a 1975 Kawasaki and a 400 Triple but his favorite bike is the one he owns now, a 2006 Goldwing! His favorite ride is the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway from the top to the bottom.

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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

As motorcycles get out on the road in larger numbers the public is reminded to watch for motorcycles. Some states have renamed this month “Motorcycle Safety Month” but Road Guardians joins ABATE of Wisconsin in keeping the original intention of the Proclamation which is reminding drivers to watch for motorcycles rather than redirecting the focus of the proclamation to the riders themselves. Motorcycle Awareness is the responsibility of everyone from car drivers who need to look twice to the motorcyclists who need to consider their own visibility. Let’s enjoy an accident free 2014!

Motorcycle Awareness Month

We have helped declare May as Motorcycle Awareness
Month in our home state, can you do the same in your state? Share your homestate proclomation today with us on Facebook and with your friends to make this summer safter!

Motorcycle Braking: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Stacey "Ax" Axmaker had his first exposure to motorcycle safety in 1991 when his insurance agent suggested he take a rider training class to get a discount on his premium. He did and was so blown away by what he didn’t know, that he asked how he could be an Instructor. Ax has been teaching ever since. Since that fateful day when he filled out the Instructor application, he has ‘served the cause’ in a variety of roles including Instructor, Instructor Trainer, Chair of Idaho’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan Motorcycle Safety Committee, and many more.  Learn more about Ax on his website.

Here is the second installment of three of Motorcycle Braking. To read the first on Common Braking Errors click here.

Good Braking Technique

The basics of maximum braking are to apply both brakes fully without locking (skidding) either tire. Sounds simple enough – but it does take practice. Here is a little more detail for front and rear brake application.

Front brake

  • Squeeze the front brake lever
    • Smoothly and firmly – don’t grab, but don’t be shy, either
    • With increasing pressure – since the weight shifts forward as you brake and presses more weight onto the front tire, you have increasing available traction. Take advantage of this by smoothly and quickly increasing the amount of your squeeze.

Rear brake

  • Apply the rear brake with light to lighter pressure. As stated above, the weight is shifting to the front, so the rear is getting lighter. This means there is a decreasing amount of traction available at the rear tire. To avoid a rear wheel skid, decrease the amount of pressure you are applying to the rear brake.
Ax in a curve
Ax in a curve

Handling Skids

No one wants to skid in an emergency situation (if you do, re-read the above section on the consequences of skids!). The bottom line is that skidding gives up control. That may sound extreme, but bear with me and I’ll share my reasoning. Here is my definition of motorcycle control: ‘The ability to control and change the speed and/or direction of your motorcycle.’ A skidding tire (front or rear) takes away your ability to control direction and  severely limits your ability to control speed. To regain this control, here is how to respond to skids:

Front wheel skid

  • Immediately release and reapply
    • Get off the front brake as soon as you can to allow the when to roll again. Once the front wheel is rolling, you have regained steering control.
    • Now, whatever was there that caused you to get on the brakes in the first place is very likely still there, so get back on the front brake right away (more smoothly this time) so you can get slowed or stopped.

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Thanks ASM for putting the information out there!

Last Sunday my friend and I were out riding in Southern Wisconsin just off Hwy 50 on CTH W. We came over a small rise in the road and then it came to a fork in the road. A biker had just crashed before we got there. It appeared he was going too fast to make the turn and high sided on the left side of the bike. He and his passenger both went down on the road hitting their heads. Both pair of glasses were on the area of impact.Motorcycle Accident

We went into action using our training we had a year earlier. Christine went to the driver and checked him out, no broken bones but a lot of road rash, a passerby that saw it happen was holding his shirt on the man’s head to help stop the bleeding. Christine got all the vital info, asked the right questions and gave all the information to the police when they arrived. I went over to the passenger (his wife). She was unresponsive at first then and would go in and out of it. We did not have our kit with us but the next car that stopped had gloves as she was an EMT. The passenger did complain of head and shoulder pain…you could hear it when they put her on the back board! The responders got there within minutes and they were in good hands!

We took the ASM class and I hoped that I would not have to use it but the training that Vicki’s staff at ASM gave us was invaluable!!

Every place I go I tell folks about the training and encourage them to take it. We did put our new skills to task that day. Thanks ASM for putting the information out there!

Red Ed from IL

Have you or your friends been ASM trained? To find a class, click here. Are you a medical professional? We need instructors! For more information, click here.  Would you like to support our efforts to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists? Join our Road Guardians program for only $20/ year.

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