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TIPS for the New and not so new riderTips

By Vicki Sanfelipo AKA “Spitfire” – Co-founder Road Guardians

Are you new to motorcycling? Welcome to the adventure! Motorcycling is fun and can be exciting. Taking a Motorcycle Safety Rider Education class has become the normal way that people start riding and that is a smart way to start. You will learn how to start, stop accelerate and more. What you will not gain is experience! While essential skills are necessary they are taught in a parking lot. Putting those newly acquired skills to use in real life situations at highway speeds with traffic, curves, weather, gravel and more are every bit as important. Finding someone to be your mentor can help tremendously and give you comfort as that more experienced rider can answer your questions and explain techniques to you to help you be a better rider. The best way to get good at riding is to ride! The more you ride the better you will get at it.

As you prepare to go out for your ride you should make sure that you wear proper gear. Let’s start at the head and work our way down:

  • Helmet (Full Faced or Modular helmets give the best protection)
  • Leather or protective jacket with padding or armor at the elbows, shoulders and spine
  • Full fingered gloves with padding on the palm, gauntlets keep wind from blowing up your sleeves
  • Pants that completely cover the legs, jean material at the very least but kevlar, covec and even better, leather, is even more protective
  • A good pair of boots tat come over the ankle and have good tread are important with moisture wicking socks

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ASM Certified Instructors Help Their Communities

Most people think of ASM Certified instructors when they consider ASM_demo_2_wheel_safetyhosting an Accident Scene Management Class for their friends or groups. ASM instructors, however, can help in many ways! Many of us do presentations and set up safety tables or demos at events. Instructors complete 4 days of training and sign annual contracts to be able to teach our program. They have put this effort forth because they want to be of assistance to motorcyclists. We all agree to uphold our mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through education. Some of our instructors are multi-talented and serve as rider coaches and CPR/1st Aid instructors as well as ASM instructors!

Shown with this article are some pictures of instructors doing demos for groups. Pictured in these pictures to the right are Phil and Jean Herndon from Georgia. They did demonstrations at “2 Wheels Safety Network, Inc.” at their Annual Biker Safety Clinic. Because all of our instructors are motorcyclistsASM_demo_Phil they welcome opportunities to meet other riders especially if it involves a motorcycle event or rally. Typically, in return for the instructor giving their time and expertise, a free booth is provided so the instructor can talk to participants about classes and carrying proper supplies.

Regardless of the good that can be done in short focusedexercises, it does not take the place of full certified training. In order to learn skills from traffic control to treatment of an injured person a full class should be taken requiring a 7-8 hour commitment. In “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist” the student will learn and practice important skills such as When, Why and How to move an injured rider. The student also learns When, Why and How to remove a Helmet and how to do a special technique called Jaw Thrust to open an injured person’s airway. All of these critical skills are practiced.  Have you taken the time to learn how to help your friend in a time of need? Have they learned how to help you? Take a class today or sign up to become an instructor and teach those in your area how to save lives.

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New Discussion Resource at!

Road Guardians website has a new resource for members and instructors to be able to share their experiences and questions with one another. We have created a forum in the 6 areas of safety for you to learn from one another. Click on the link below to see more information about the 6 areas of safety First Response, Motorcycle Rider Education, Conspicuity (Visibility), Anti-Impaired Riding, Apparel, Licensing and Laws.

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