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Motorcyclists were Prepared for the Unexpected

Scooter crash May 7, 2016: Reprinted with permission – Darrin Salzman wrote: This spring I sent you a number of members from my Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA) chapter, Steel Witness.  We wanted to support our community of motorcyclists by having trained bystanders in the event our services were needed. Thank you for your support in getting five members of our chapter trained!

Yesterday, May 6th, we needed that training.  Returning home from our annual Run for the Son fundraiser, our group had to slow down because the cars ahead of us were stopping.  Looking up the middle of the road we saw what appeared to be a rider lying in the road.  We single filed our bikes to get up closer. We saw the wrecked bike and immediately dismounted going into action with our ASM training. The traffic was controlled and someone had called 911. As we assessed our situation we could see that the rider had multiple compound fractures on his left leg.  He had been riding in shorts so we had full visibility, no trauma shears or cutting of a pant leg were necessary.

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Join Us

Join us for a trip to Chestnut Mountain and a scenic ride along the Mississippi River July 14-16. Chestnut Mountain Hearing Protection for Motorcycle RidersResort overlooks the Mississippi River and has many fun amenities such as Alpine Slides, Mini Golf, Segways, walking paths and onsite Sunset Grill restaurant & Bar. Don’t delay getting your hotel registrations though since there are only 12 rooms left at the hotel and our room block is being released soon! Our negotiated room rate will continue past that date if there are rooms available but once rooms are released there is no guarantee they will be available so don’t delay! Call 815-777-1320. Chestnut Mtn is located near Galena, IL in the Tri-State area of IL, WI & IA. All proceeds of this event benefit Accident Scene Management and Motorcycle Specific First Responder Training.

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Show us YOUR favorite Road Memory – and Win Cash!

Here is what professional rescuers have to say about our Motorcycle Specific Bystander TrainingHearing Protection for Motorcycle Riders

Almost everyone that rides a motorcycle has a favorite memory on the road or of a place they’ve visited. They recall it fondly during the long winter months, and take advantage of every opportunity to tell someone about it.
This year, Hupy and Abraham wants to see YOUR favorite road memory – and we’re willing to pay for it!
Running May through September, Hupy and Abraham, S.C.  is offering a $100 CASH CARD PRIZE to the winner of the most Facebook “Likes” during each month. In September, a GRAND PRIZE winner of $500 will be chosen from a pool of the prior months’ winners!


  • Visit, click the photo contest tab and submit your photo
  • Post your photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #HupyBikeContest
  • Email your photo to

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