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Seriously Injured Scooter Rider Helped

I am writing to let you know that the ASM training I took paid off last evening. I am just now coming down from the adrenalin rush I experienced. My wife, Mary Ann, and I were taking the back way from the Shops of Havasu and watched as a vehicle ahead of us pulled to the side of the lightly traveled road. We found the reason that he stopped was a downed scooter rider and the first person there was already on the phone with 911. The rider had lost control some time before we arrived. Scooter crashHe was unconscious and much of the blood had already coagulated. He looked to be in pretty bad shape but surprisingly regained consciousness shortly after I started attending to him. It was hard to keep him calm and keep him from getting up. He had not been wearing a helmet and he landed face first in rocks, so after the paramedics checked him out they confirmed my suspicions; possible broken neck, possible concussion, broken collarbone and ribs. He also fractured his left leg.

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Blind Spots

Confidence or Ignorance?

By Kevin Carpenter
It was just a routine summer day. My alarm was blaring, telling me to get up and off to work. I routinely got dressed, walked out to the garage and fired up my Harley for the ride to work. Any time Hearing Protection for Motorcycle RidersI ride to work it makes the start to my day so much better! As I headed west on the interstate I heard something over the radio about changes in the westbound constructions lanes. “New lane configurations”they said. I thought “Great, a new view of things”! Just as I was about to roll into the new lanes I checked my speed; 60 mph. Ok I thought, that is average for me. The speed limit in this zone is 50 mph but I thought, no problem for me. I've buzzed thru hundreds of construction zones over the years. Just then, that little voice in my head yelled; “HEY DUMMY, SLOW DOWN! Yes you have driven thru plenty of construction zones over your time as a trucker. But these are newchanges, new surfaces. You don’t know what to expect. So slow it down to see what is ahead of you”. Well I did slow down. I learned the new section of freeway. Thirty minutes later. I was firing up my semi when the thought hit me. Was it confidence or arrogance that lead me to think I could just head into a new construction area thinking I could handle anything? It has taken me months to figure out how to put these thoughts into words. Would anyone think it is worthwhile reading? Was it confidence or arrogance?

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