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July 12, 2014 – Stratfordcrash3

I attended the ASM Basic 100 series class held in Stratford, WI this past May. Who knew that less than 2 months later I would need to use my knowledge and skills! Yesterday Jay was in an accident (he also attended the class). Jay hit a truck in the driver’s door doing about 55 mph. P- The scene was safe, A- Jay was talking and there was no bleeding. He was complaining about pain in his chest. C- A passenger of the truck called 911 and said help was on the way, we were about 15 miles from a hospital in Medford. T- I determined that it was best to leave his helmet on and not move him. Jay did leave hospital after being treated last night for a cracked sternum. Thank you for the training, which helped me determine the most appropriate care for my friend when he needed my help!

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DIY Series

ChrisBioPic Most of us like the idea of doing things on our own but are not really sure what to do, where to look, or even what to search for! That is where I come in. My name is Chris Holland and I am a trained and certified Motorcycle Technician. I attended school in the lovely city of Phoenix, Arizona. I have a special certification for Harley-Davidson and Buell Motorcycles. I have been working on all types of motorcycles since the late 1990’s; as long as I have been riding them. I love helping people in any way I can from the fellow DIYer to the beginning motorcyclist that has no idea if the mechanic has been able to find their real issue or not. I served in our great nations Army as a Mechanized Infantryman, Designated Marksman, and Intelligence Analyst for 7 years until a small injury put me out of service. I was stationed in many countries around the world and I currently reside in Germany, my last duty station, where I live with my family. I love to help so if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

ROAD GUARDIANS DISCLAIMER: Chris has agreed to be our Road Guardians Member “personal mechanic” and service guru. While Chris is located in Germany and is unable to service your ride, he is available to answer questions and give common sense advice. If you have a question that you would like Chris to comment on please let us know. Note that Road Guardians does not employ Chris and is in no way responsible for advice given or implemented. This information is intended as informational only and is not intended to take the place of regular maintenance by a certified mechanic.

Question: How do I know when my front end needs maintenance? I know that my service manual and motorcycle dealer make recommendationsbut I would like to know how I can tell when I have an issue that requires servicing.


If your bike has been around for a while you may notice that either your front end "feels funny" or you may just be curious regarding what kind of maintenance you need to do for your front end. In this “Quick Tip Help Guide” for Motorcycle Front End maintenance, I will be covering Forks, Steering Head Bearings, Triple Trees, Hand Controls, Front Brakes & Front Tires.

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Are Public Awareness Campaigns Effective?

By Tony “Pan” Sanfelipo

We’ve all seen the safety messages on billboards, stickers and web sites asking people to “Watch for Motorcycles,” “ Look Twice-Save a Life,” etc. It’s hard to imagine anyone would disagree with the messages, but there is a debate on whether these campaigns really do any good.

Safety advocates insist that rider education programs are the key to safety, not fancy advertisements or graphics on a billboard. Others say educating the driving public through programs like Share the Road is the way to reduce crashes between motorists and motorcyclists. Still others adhere to the All the Gear All the Time (ATGAT) mantra as the most effective way to reduce fatalities and injuries.

How can the effectiveness of any of these campaigns be accurately measured? The answer is equivocal. In totality, all the things mentioned above would seem to be effectual, but measuring each component’s part in reducing fatalities and injuries is very difficult. The ATGAT initiative is clearly aimed at reducing injury after a crash, so let’s concentrate on the others. How do you determine which works or which works best?

Motorcycle rights groups and safety enthusiasts joined forces in an attempt to reduce the number of crashes by promoting “awareness” campaigns aimed at encouraging other motorists to be aware of motorcycles on the roadway. There are several differently worded messages on billboards and bumper stickers, but all of them implore motorists to pay attention and be aware that motorcycles are everywhere on the roads during the riding season. Hupy and Abraham, S.C., a well-known law firm with offices in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on free bumper stickers, TV public service announcements and billboards in awareness campaigns dealing with motorcycles, pedestrians and the “texting while driving” problem.

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Thanks To Those Who Came Out For The River Road Fundraiser

River Road Fundraiser 2014

Thanks to those who attended our Annual fundraiser and helped further our mission to reduce injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists. Here are a few great shots of the wonderful time we had. Mark your calendar for next year 2015 River Road Fundraiser on July 17-19, 2015 in Galena, IL!

New Instructor Classes

Instructor training classes scheduled in Illinois, California and Wisconsin this fall.

Do you know a motorcyclist who is also a Healthcare Professional? EMT, Nurse, Doctor, Respiratory Therapist, Combat Medic, etc? WE NEED you! There are 17 million motorcyclists in the USA and Accident Scene Management/Road Guardians is dedicated to 1st response training of all motorcyclists. While we have trained nearly 25,000 people and have instructors in 32 states and 4 countries, the number one issue we deal with is that we don’t have enough instructors! Are you willing to serve your motorcycling community?

Instructor Training classes scheduled in Illinois, California and Wisconsin this fall. Our instructors are independent. They can be hired by a group, school or organization. Some groups have even sent a member to become certified so they can have their own trainer!

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