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Please a note: If you are attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally you should be sure to stop in and say "Hi". Road Guardians will be on site providing demonstrations and handing out prizes on 6th & LaSalle with our friends at Allstate Insurance. Look for the Big Balloon that says: You're in good Hands with Allstate and while you are there, register to win a Custom Slingshot for free!

ASM Training Makes a Global Impact
Welcome Accident Scene Management-Singapore

Scooter crashOn July 2nd, Accident Scene Management added a 6th country to its list of countries. Our training follows a path that can be acclimated to any country or sport. Its simple: PACT & ABCSS of Trauma™. We are proud to announce that Accident Scene Management, Australia has added Accident Kevin SmithScene Management, Singapore. Due to the hard work and dedication of Phil Lemin and Jo Fischer, a class was taught and a new instructor, Kevin Smith, was trained.

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Beat the Heat While Riding

Melissa Juranitch Ė Motorcycle Marketing Specialist

As riders we face many dangers on the road. Luckily, there are also many preventative measures we can takeScooter crash against them. In the summer when temperatures soar, itís easy to become dehydrated without realizing it. Learn how to recognize overheating danger signs to stay safe while riding. Everyone is affected by warm weather differently. However, heatstroke (or sunstroke) typically has three general stages:

Stage 1: Heat cramps include muscle spasms and stiffness in the abdomen, arms and calves.
Stage 2: Heat exhaustion includes dizziness, headaches, cramps, cool and clammy skin, blurred vision, dilated pupils, rapid breathing, vomiting and loss of consciousness.

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River Run a Success!

Road Guardians hosts an annual event to raise funds to benefit Accident Scene Management. Accident Scene Management is the largest Motorcycle Trauma training organization in the world! The non-profit organization has trained over 30,000 people since it started in 1996. It maintains high standard of training and is the only accredited bystander program in the USA. The organization has programs for both motorcyclists and professional rescuers.

If you have never attended the River Run for ASM event, you're missing out on something special. Always the third weekend of July, the River Road Fundraiser is exceptional in quality and fun. Last year, this year and at least next year, the event is at Chestnut Mountain Resort in Galena, Illinois. Friday night, participants gathered around a bonfire, with hot dogs, chips and toasted marshmallows to start the fun. Saturday, a 174 mile poker run took us through some very scenic areas along the Mississippi River on both the Illinois and Iowa sides.

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Itís Open Season on Motorcyclists!

Motorcycle Fatalities by Deer are Higher in 2016
Provided, with permission, by ABATE of Wisconsin

It's the perfect ride; quiet country road, smooth pavement, picturesque scenery and the hum of the road. Just the Hearing Protection for Motorcycle Ridersmotorcycle and the country; an escape from the stress and business of life. Suddenly a deer appears out of nowhere and in an instant, that biker loses his/her life. It's an all too common story in Wisconsin and across the country and one that all motorists need to be aware of.

To date, six motorcyclists have lost their lives because of deer compared to two fatalities in all 2015 and eight in 2014 and there are still a few months left for riding season. Since no one could ever predict when or where a deer will pop out, it's up to the rider to watch for them.

According to Department of Natural Resources (DNR), there are more deer-vehicle collisions during the months of October and November when deer are most active during the breeding and May and June when yearling are seeking out new areas to live.

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