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Biker Down

I am writing about a horrifying incident that occurred over this past weekend within our motorcycle group. Michele, Roxanne, Steve and I received our Basic, Advanced and Instructors ASM certification from Vicki Sanfelipo in Santa Cruz last fall and we all happened to be on this ride together.

I can tell you that I have personally used my skills in 5 separate incidents - 2 of them being serious accidents. Others in our group have reported being called upon in separate incidents of their own. Sad to say, we were called upon again, to protect, prepare and serve an injured rider. Motorcycle

Our pack of 17 motorcycles were cruising at just under the flow of congested traffic conditions on a busy northern CA Hwy on a hot day. I was behind a rider who, it seemed, did not immediately react to a rapid deceleration and slowing of traffic to a crawl until too late. In a last ditch effort to avoid impacting the bike in front of her she braked hard; performing a 150ft rear wheel skid. (There was no evidence that there was any use of front brake to stop the bike). She still clipped the bike in front of her, flipping her bike, and both rider and bike slid across the road as if they were toys. The rider was thrown off of the bike and rolled to a stop landing face down. (Thankfully the rider she rear ended was able to maintain control of the bike) Amazingly, nobody else was involved.

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The Safe Course: 7 Defensive Driving Tactics For New Motorcyclists

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Sometimes, the best way to break a bad habit is to avoid forming it in the first place. This can be especially true for new motorcyclists, who require an extra degree of care and vigilance when first heading out on the open road. Whether by choosing the right apparel, inspecting your bike for mechanical issues or closely adhering to Motorcycledriving laws, you need a wide range of know-how to ensure your safety and the safety of the drivers around you. Here are seven tips for motorcyclists looking to develop good defensive driving habits from day one.
1. Maintain Your Ride
When it comes to driver safety, a motorcycle is much less forgiving than a car. Blow a tire in an SUV and you can easily maneuver the car off the road. Blow a tire on your bike and it can quickly become a matter of life or death. That means itís extra-important to make sure your bike is in perfect working order every time you ride. Before each trip, check your oil and fluids, belts, brakes and tire pressure.
2. Wear The Right Protective Gear
Your protective gear is an extension of your bikeís safety features. Always choose an outfit that fully covers your body. No shorts and no sandals. In the event of an accident, youíll be surprised how a layer of leather or denim can make the difference between a few scratches and an extended hospital visit. And choose accessories like goggles, boots and gloves that are specially made for motorcyclists, as these will preserve your full field of vision and range of motion. And of course, always wear a helmet. Even if your state doesnít require it, thereís enough statistical evidence to prove that helmets save lives.

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Harley Davidson Study on Women & Motorcycles

112 women raised money for a local Police Department Accident Scene Management training.

A Harley-Davidson-sponsored study about women and motorcycles says those who ride are considerably happier, more confident and more fulfilled than those who do not.

Freud asked, "What does woman want?"

Harley-Davidson has the answer. She wants a motorcycle -- or should.

That is the result of a study of female motorcycle riders and non-riders, commissioned by the Wisconsin-based bike manufacturer.

Female riders were twice as likely as their non-riding counterparts to feel "confident." They were twice as likely, too, to feel "extremely satisfied" with their appearance.

More than half of those riders said the two-wheeled experience made them feel "free" and "independent." And while they were marginally less inclined to say they "usually feel good" about their senses of humor and intelligence, they were almost twice as likely to say they "usually feel good" about their sex appeal.

Harley-Davidson's director of women's outreach marketing, Claudia Garber, is one of those female riders. She took up the sport six years ago with the purchase of a Harley Nightster and moved on to a Fatboy.

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Group Riding: 17 Tips To Ennsure Everyone Has a Safe Trip

We found this excellent article and are reprinting this information with AMA's permission. Learn more about the AMA by clicking here.

MotorcycleYour engine purrs as a string of motorcycles snakes through the hills in front of you. With a quick look in the mirror, you see a friend following close behind with a smile that matches yours. Thereís nothing like the camaraderie that you feel at this moment.

Thatís what a group ride is all about. Itís an opportunity to share the open road and wonderful scenery with other like-minded people. But like most motorcycle experiences, this one is best enjoyed by following a few simple guidelines that keep everyone safe. Here are a few tips from our friends at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

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